A great saint

Jalaram bapa ranks among the greatest saints of india. As bourne out in his life story,he was full of compassion for all living beings.Even inaminate things.As he saw God in all living beings and animals.

He lived and moved in god and spent himself in the service of man,without any distinction of caste and creed. Miracles are inseperably associated with his life, as is usually seen in the lives of other saints. may the life of such a great saint instil in us the great virtue of love and compassion!

The devotees of Jalaram Bapa had been chanting and singing bapa’s satsang in various places and temples, not being able to stay in one place for long, they all got together and decided that it was time, they had a permanent place for bapa and to build a temple
dedicated to bapa only.Shree Jalaram satsang Mandal was registered legally and formally on 27th september 1995. under the society act and managing committee was formed under the chairmanship of Chimanbhai Sodha.After extensive search, a house of an area of half an acre was identified and the sales contract was entered into. As the committee did not have any savings, all the devotees went out in search for donations to finance the purchase price. With bapa’s grace all the money was paid up. The devotees now had a permanent abode for bapa and a permanent place for devotion and satsang. The property purchased was a six bedroom house with extensive gardens at the front and back. Minor changes were made internally to create a hall for bapa’s alter and satsang hall.Having done this, the devotees now wished for bapa’s murti which can be installed with the “Pran Prtishtha Ceremony”

Jyoshnaben Badiyani and Neemuben Shah took it upon themselves to go to india and order bapa’s murti and one each for Ganeshji and Hanumanji. The idols of bapa, Ganeshji and Hanumanj was installed with much promp and ceremony, on the 200th birthday of Jalaram bapa.(13th to 15th November 1999.)under the auspicious guidance of Shastri Yashwant Maharaj and his team of Bhramins. The whole occasion lasted for three days and free Prasad was served at every meal time to all.
A shikhar was built on the alter where bapa was installed and the temple shape took place.since then regular arti take place at 7am and 7pm everyday. Weekly satsangs are held every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm (from July 2007 full prashad of Khichdi and Rotla are being served after the satsang sponsored by Yajman’s at the cost of 5600 Kenya shillings)